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حضور مندوبي جامعة بخت الرضا الدورة التدريبيه بجامعة غرب كردفان بمدينة النهود حاضرة ولاية غرب كردفان

dspassحضور مندوبي جامعة بخت الرضا الدورة التدريبيه بجامعة غرب كردفان بمدينة النهود حاضرة ولاية غرب كردفان لتعميم مفهوم مخزن البيانات الالكتروني والتدريب علي نظام  ال

 . واوضح في السياق منسق التدريب ا. وجدان بان الدورات والتاهيل سوف يستمر حتي نقل كل الجامعات السودانية للترتقي بمستوي الجامعات العالمية .


As its happened annually at the university of Bakht Alruda , the union of the students at the university of Bakht Alruda

As  its happened annually at the university of Bakht Alruda , the union of the students at the university of Bakht Alruda with the collaboration of the administration and the deanship of the students organized ceremony to reception of the new batch (21) .Then the ceremony was honored by Dr. AbdALHamid Kasha , the governor of White Nile State and number of government members ,and professor, Gadalla Abdalla the vice chancellor of the university and Dr.Yusuf Khogaly the deputy rector of the university ,and all the members of government of Edwim City ,then beside that all the deans of various university faculties, as well as the professors and the staff of local official institutions, then first  speaker was Dr. Kasha ,he addressed the students and encouraged them to do their effort so as to earn good degrees ,and the Sudan needs them as the future generations ,and should stop the conflicts within the university .Then spoke the vice chancellor of the university ,he said that, he will work hard to improve the educational environment for the students at the university ,and eventually ,the chairperson of the union added that ,he will stand with the the students in all their services and resolve their problems.  


participation of the headmaster of University of Bakhat-er-Ruda in the Unisco conference in Mourishus

Profissor Gadallah the headmaster ofuniversity of Bakhet-er-ruda   ,  emphasized that he participated in the conference with the united nation organization for the education,science and culture which is situated in Morishus from 28-29/2017 so, he declared that the participatin in the meeting its come as the Sudan is one of the member in the international organization,as well as his attendence and permenant representation in many different forums . Also he stated that the sudanese negotioators who represented in profissor Etegany Mustafa as a minister of the state in the ministry of high education . In additon to that there are in the meeting are big numbers of ministers about 18 from Arab states and Africa states.Also he annaunced that has met the minister of high education and the scientifc reseach and development mankind resources in the Republic of Mourishus and also the minister of high education and scientific research of Nigeria, and the minister of social care and the kid from the suoth of the sudan.At the end of their meeting the members have reached to many recommedations,which are denoted to enabled the woman and the youth in the field of scientific research specially in the field of the cancer research and also the production of vaccines , development and expand the partenership and cooperated researches between the Africans and Arab countries, in field of cancer research . Finally they have accredated , the Arabic language should use in the all conferences and Allies of the Unisco then should expand the participations with the international organizations ,sa well as in the scientific research.


the first forum of the faculty of economics and administrative sciences at the university of Bakht-er-Ruda

the faculty of economics and administrative sciences at the university of Bakht-er-Ruda at the conclusion of the of the satisfaction , the first entitled Sudanese economy past and present .He has graced this fourm in the presence of Dr. Yusuf khogaly , the under side of the university and Dr.Ali Hassan ,the Dean of faculty of economics, and Dr. Mohammed Hassan , the president of the center for training and consultancy at the university as well as, Dr.Mahammed ISSA the chairman of the union of workers of the university besdides the college professors and porfessors from different colleges of the university. Besides that has challenged the chairman of the fourm Dr. Ali Al Hassan , come gracious who came from the university of Imam Mahdi ,hes refferring main goal of the paper for the users of the academy choose the scientific field , cooperation is one of the goals of the genesis of university .Inaddition to that he is stressing that this forum will be the core of a regional conference aimed at all Sudanese universities and thankful to those who have made the papers at conference , so Dr. Yusuf khogaly,the vice-rector of the university ,said that who wanted the world shuold learn himself and who wanted the lastday should learn himself.Then he appealedto all the faculties agree tofollow the faculty of economics and marches . To the papers presented at the forum touched on to important issues on the state and local levels.Has Dr.Abdalla Alzober spreads a paper entitled the history of economy in the state of Mahdia and thereseacher discriptive analysis of the state of Mahdia ,and through his narrative historty shows that the economics system ofthe state ofMahdia was shaky and did not help in advancing the countrys development political circumstances which surrounding the state in the inside and outside of the state. As well as because of the many wars that the terrorists state treasury.That which led them for apples in the developed economics system . AS a trustee of the researcher, further studies of the histories of our economy , so take advantage of hindsight to put outside the system of the institutes of the firm . Also ,Dr. Mustafa Ali presented a paper entitled causes of the increasing unemplyment of gradutes in the Sudan during the period from 2000- 2015 was referred the paper to the ILO report to increased excessively, among graduates of the universities and higher institutes and university colleges in the sudan after the declaration of the revolution of higher education, which led to monitoring the development of manned graduates reported unemployment rate in the mid-graduates by %53 ,the problem was exacerbated around the global financial crisis in 2008 has affected the sudanese economy policy for the recession.He also touched on the paper ,but the reason for unemployment of graduates of openness in the assimilation of higher education ,the majority of graduates of theoritcal disciplines ,as well as the deferioration of the activities of neconomic sectors,as it focused on the definition of the unemployment. The general and story of the reduction in the goals and resources of work in human societies.Also,he classified paper unemployed several form of unemployed,frictional.structional,seasonal,and cyclical.It should be noted the conference was under the slogan (scientific research method development). 


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Since the Higher Education revolution set off and the expansion caused by the revolution. A group of local notables Duwaim initiated to catch up, commit several meetings in Duwaim continued meetings in Khartoum, the active participation of the people from Duwaim in the National Capital . In order to prepare additional memorandum Foundation calls for the establishment of the university in the region.